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OnRamp Experts Millie Froeb and Catherine Clifford

combine forces to create the one-stop shop for women in career transition

Millie and Catherine join forces to create YourOnRamp, an online resource for women in career transition. Whether re-entering the workforce (OnRamping), changing careers, or leaving the workforce(OffRamping), YourOnRamp provides the social network, career resources, and job opportunities to succeed, especially in these recessionary times!

Millie and Catherine's newest release " Your Career OnRamp a woman's guide to re-entering the workforce" gives you a comprehensive 10 Step Plan to getting back into the work force or changing careers. At the end of your journey you will have a job that is right for you!

An essential guide:
--After being out for a period of time, women need tools and resources and a support group to help them get back in.
--For anyone struggling to get back on their career path, our 10 Step Plan is fun and has essential advice on everything from clearing the decks to finding your true career passion to writing a compelling resume.
--Many women don't return to the same career, and need help finding a career that is right for them and their family.

What our readers are saying:
--Practical, informative and reassuring for anyone contemplating a career/life change.
--Your Career OnRamp is a perfect guide to finding your way through the maze of life, and OnRamping into your next career.
--Book content is excellent....you distilled the best of all programs out there. Takes the sting out of find the right job for me!"

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